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Reagan Branch MPH, CIH, CSP

Ms. Branch says she owes her career path to chance and encouragement of kind strangers. As a result her goal is to pay it forward and enlighten women about the varied opportunities in the field of construction (specifically safety and health). Realizing early on that an education was NECESSARY for a black female with those very roots to make it in land of opportunities, she pursued and earned a BS in Chemistry and Environmental and Occupational Health Science Masters. Hunter college opened her world to the multifaceted area of occupational and environmental health science where she learned about the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration.  Ms. Branch spent the majority of her tenure completing multi-disciplinary inspections at construction sites. Ms. Branch left OSHA for the private sector after earning her CIH and CSP. Empowerment of workers and employers to create a safe working environment continues to be her mission but charting a path for women has become a passion.

In 2013, after transitioning to the private sector she learned about the implementation side of construction safety. She founded Pyramid Safety and Health Solutions with the goal of empowering employers, unions and their employees by providing expertise from decades of experience to assist them with compliance with regulations, reduce risk of accidents and illnesses, reduce insurance costs, and improve productivity and morale. Pyramid Solutions is a boutique consulting service that provides expert service to companies of all sizes.

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